After grant by the European Patent Office (EPO), a European patent has to be validated individually in each member state in order to obtain protection for the claimed subject-matter. Each country sets its own criteria that have to be fulfilled during the validation process, including time limits.    

Stolmár & Partner, with its comprehensive validation service, is here to support you in getting pan-European protection for your invention. 

Excellent Service and competitive prices

  • Stolmár & Partner offers high quality validation services supervised by actual attorneys – for a price that is hard to beat for most service providers.


  • All you have to do is send us an email with the number of the granted European patent – our system will automatically generate all necessary documents and informs you about relevant due dates.

Best in class IT

  • Our attorneys and employees work from a central management system which enables us to achieve maximum accuracy and efficiency.
  • All validations are generated with data that we obtain directly from the EPO servers to ensure that the information is complete and up to date.

Well connected

  • An extensive network of partner law firms enables us to validate in all member states of the EPC.


  • We are more than happy to advise you on your portfolio – that way you will get the best possible protection for your intellectual property with the least possible effort.

Flexibility for translations

  • We are happy to use translations provided by you.
  • If you entrust us with the translation, we will work with ISO 9001 certified translation partners or do the translations ourselves.
  • In any case, you will benefit from favourable conditions and translators that combine linguistic skills with patent law knowledge. 

Cost transparency

  • If required, we will provide you with a detailed offer for all validations costs – that way, full cost transparency is ensured.

The best solution

With Stolmár & Partner, you have the ideal partner for turning your
European patent into a powerful IP portfolio.